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Shared Channels

Shared channels are a paid feature and should be avoided unless used to facilitate conversation with a client. In this case, the Sysadmin (Mark at the time of this writing) or Eric (Tech Lead at the time of this writing) should create the channel.

Shared channels can be created accidentally if people outside of Knowbility or Knowbility folks using personal credentials are invited to a channel. This creates a security risk and can be difficult or impossible to undo.

To avoid this, do not share direct links to channels.

From Eric on July 2nd, 2020: "As we are all in the same workspace already, you can just invite people using the /invite command (In the channel, write /invite @yatil to invite me, for example).

"If you want to share a link to a channel, you can right click on the channel name and select copy link. With the Keyboard, you should find the details button and there is an add button where you can volunteer people to join the channel.

"If you want to make others aware of a channel in the same workspace, you can just post into the announcements channel: “FYI, #knowbility-tweets does exist” – it will be automatically linked and available for people to join."

More information is available on Slack:

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